Frequently Asked Questions

Selling LEGO

Do You Buy Used LEGO?

Yes! We source all of our LEGO inventory through buying back from customers.

How Does Selling Used LEGO To KC Brick Store Work?

Selling to KC Brick Store is really easy! We have a blog post and separate page outlining some of the finer details, but the basic guidelines are:

  • We only buy official LEGO-branded products.  We do not sell off-brand LEGO, so we will not purchase any off-brand LEGO sets or minifigures.
  • Bulk LEGO will be weighed and priced per pound depending on the condition of the lot.
  • Minifigures will be weighed and priced per pound.  Certain themes (such as Star Wars and Marvel) will be priced higher, and we will pay extra for specific figures which we identify as higher value items.
  • Pre-built and factory sealed sets will be priced based on their going rate in the online marketplace.
  • Pre-built sets must be brought in assembled so that we can verify all pieces are there.  If they are not assembled, they will be priced as bulk rather than a set.
  • You can bring in your LEGO anytime we are open to trade or sell
  • If you have a lot of Pre-Built or factory-sealed sets (more than 15), it is helpful if you can send us a list of set numbers ahead of time via email so that we can get started on your quote early.
  • If you have an online quote, be sure to mention it when you come in to save time!
Can I Ship LEGO To You To Sell?

We currently only work with local sellers who can bring their LEGO to our store.  We may open up options for mailing buy-backs to us, but for now our recommendation would be to check if you have a local used LEGO store you could work with!

Do I Need The Instructions Or Box To Sell?

Nope! Since the instructions are all provided free online from LEGO, we pay the same price with or without instructions.  Regarding the boxes, not everyone likes collecting the boxes, so having the box does not impact the offer we make either.

General Questions

What Are Your Hours?

We are open every day 11AM-8PM except Tuesday.

Are You Part Of A Franchise?

Nope! We are completely independent and locally owned.

When Did You Open?

Our first day open was May 13, 2022!

How do I apply to work at KC Brick Store?

Applying is easy! You can apply here, and then we’ll review applicants the next time we are hiring!

How Much Do The New Sets Cost?

We put our price tags on the bottom of the boxes next to the barcode.  This way we do not mar the front of the box for those collectors who which to keep their set sealed!

Are The Prices Firm?

Yes.  We price all of our items such that we can afford to pay a fair value to the seller and still be able to cover our overhead.  If we were to lower a price, it would mean either we couldn’t pay a fair price for our inventory, or we would be unable to cover our costs.

How Do You Price Your Inventory?

For anything still in production, we will base our price off of LEGO’s pricing.  For anything that is retired, we use the data from Bricklink to determine what the going rate for a given set or minifigure is.  For some of the more pricey or rare sets, we use eBay as a second point of reference.

Can You Hold A Set For Me?

We can hold sets for up to 24 hours, but then they will be placed back on the floor if they have not been picked up.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Given the nature of our products, returns aren’t always feasible.  The policy is broken down by inventory type below:

  • Factory Sealed Sets or other Sealed Items – Must still be factory-sealed to be returned.  The return window for factory-sealed sets is 10 days.
  • Bulk – No returns accepted given the nature of the product.
  • Pre-Built / Minifigures – No returns accepted since it would be difficult to check that it is being returned in the same condition it was purchased.