After our announcement last week about our new location and the Shawnee Mission Post article about our store, many people have reached out to ask if they can sell their LEGO to us.  The answer is YES!! You can sell your LEGO to KC Brick Store!  We buy bulk LEGO, minifigures, pre-built sets, and factory sealed sets.  Below you will find some more info on how to sell your LEGO to KC Brick Store, along with tips on how to get the most money for your LEGO when you do sell!

How To Sell Your LEGO

Whether you are looking to clear out some closet space, get some extra cash, or maybe make room for your next LEGO set, we can help you out! The process to sell your LEGO is pretty simple – just follow these easy steps:


  1. If you have bulk or a small number of sets (less than 20 or so), feel free to bring them into the store anytime we’re open! Just make sure that any prebuilt sets are fully assembled when you bring them in.  
  2. If you have a large number of sets to sell, it can be helpful to send a list ahead of time so we can save you time at the store.  Please send us an email at or send us a message on facebook with the details of what you are wanting to sell.  A list of set numbers is best, but we can also work with photos of the LEGO you want to sell!
  3. If you message us, we’ll reply with a cash and store credit quote.  From there feel free to bring it into the store anytime, let us know you have an online quote, and get paid!

Please note – we are currently only able to purchase LEGO in-store.  We do not have an option for purchasing/shipping from out of state.


How the Quote is Determined

The quote for your LEGO lot is determined based on what is being sold and the condition of it:

  • Bulk LEGO: We generally pay a per-pound price for bulk LEGO, but there is some variance in this rate.  As noted in our post on our cleaning and quality control, we do not sell non-LEGO or damaged bricks.  This means that we will pay less for lots with high percentages of non-LEGO or damaged bricks, as it takes more time to sort them and there is a lower yield of product we can re-sell.
  • Minifigures: For generic minifigures, we will pay a per-pound price for the lot.  For any licensed figures (Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, etc.) or Collector Series minifigures, we will pay a price based on a percentage of the current market rate for the minifig.  Clear pictures are very helpful here so we can determine what the minifigs are and do our best to verify authenticity.
  • Pre-built Sets:  Pre-built sets will be bought back at a percentage of the current market rate for them.  The pre-built set will need to be complete and assembled.  If the set is not assembled, we cannot tell if all the pieces are present, so we can only pay the bulk LEGO rate for it.  It is OK if the set is missing minifigs or instructions (we just won’t be able to pay as much for it).
  • New Sets: New sets must still be sealed.  We will pay for new sets based on a percentage of the current market rate for the set.
  • Other: Other items (base plates, keychains, clocks, etc) will be priced based on a percentage of the current market rate.
Important Note on Quotes:

The quote we provide is our best estimate based on the information we have available at the time.   It is possible that this number changes when we see the lot in person.  For example, if we notice the lot has a high percentage of non-LEGO pieces, we may need to lower the price we can pay for it.  On the other hand, if we notice the lot has a rare minifig in it that we missed, we will raise the price we will pay you for it.  Once the lot has been purchased by KC Brick Store, the sale is final and no further adjustment will be made.



Tips on Getting the Best Price

Everyone wants to get top dollar for their LEGO!  Here are a few tips to ensure you get paid the best possible price:

1. Focus on Minifigures

Minifigures are by far the most valuable part of a bulk LEGO lot.  Be sure to separate out minigiures from the other bulk LEGO, then weigh them and take good pictures of the figs.  This will help to ensure any special figures are identified and you get the full price for them.

2. Remove Non-LEGO Pieces

LEGO lots often contain non-LEGO block toys, other toys, and even trash.  Doing a quick sort through your collection to remove these non-LEGO pieces can increase the value paid per-pound.

3. Put Your Sets Together Again

Pre-built sets fetch a much higher price per pound than bulk, so taking the time to put together some of the sets from your collection can translate into a much higher return on your collection – not to mention it is a fun experience!

4. Please – Do NOT Glue Your Sets Together

It can be tempting to glue a set together to keep from losing pieces, but once a set is glued, it loses all play value so we can not sell it in the store.  Therefore, we do not purchase any sets which have been glued together.

5. Keep Minifigures with Sets

In order to maximize the value of a pre-built set, the minifigures need to be present.  While we will still purchase pre-built sets without minifigures, there may be a big price difference between a set with the minifigures and without.



There you have it! Our purchasing process is simple, and the tips above will help you get top dollar for your collection.  If you are looking to sell some LEGO, please reach out and let us know!