Selling Your LEGo

Current Buying Guide

Cash Store Credit
Bulk / As-Is Sets No Yes
Complete Pre-builts Yes Yes
New In Box Yes Yes
Minifigs Yes Yes
Other Yes Yes


Important Selling Note: Several factors may impact the offer we are able to give, including set condition and our current inventory levels.  If you have questions, feel free to email or shoot us a message on facebook!

Rich LEGO baron with treasure chest

How To Sell

Selling LEGO to KC Brick Store is very easy! We have a blog post on some finer details, but we have created a cliffnotes version of the instructions to help you get started right away.

Please note, you can only sell your LEGO to us in-store.  We do not offer a mail-in option for selling LEGO.

General Guidelines

  • We only buy official LEGO products.  We do not sell off-brand LEGO, so we will not purchase any off-brand LEGO
  • You can either receive Cash or Store Credit for your LEGO.  In general, we will give 50% more for the Store Credit option on minifigures, factory sealed, and pre-built sets
  • All LEGO inventory sales to KC Brick Store are final.  Since the inventory you sell is mixed in with our existing inventory upon sale, it is not possible to track and return it if you change your mind.
  • We do not buy instructions or empty LEGO boxes.
  • You can come in anytime during regular business hours to sell your LEGO to us!
  • If you already have an online quote, please mention this when you arrive to sell.

Guidelines By Product Type


  • Bulk purchases will be priced by the pound.
  • The tare weight for the bin will be removed when we weigh the lot.
  • The price per pound will be determined by the contents of the lot.  In general, $5/lb is the going rate, but this can be lower if the lot contains a lot of damaged, dirty, or off-brand pieces.

Sets (Pre-built or factory sealed)

  • Pre-Built and Factory-Sealed sets are priced individually based on their going market rate.
  • Factory-Sealed sets that are currently in production by LEGO are only eligible for the store credit option – these are not eligible for cash.  To check if a set is still in production, you can look it up on LEGO’s website and see if it says “Retired” instead of listing a price.
  • Pre-Built sets must be assembled so we can verify all the pieces are present.  If they are not assembled, we will weigh them and price them as bulk.
  • Pre-built sets must be complete or only missing minifigs to be eligible for a cash offer.  If the pre-built is missing portions of the build, we will have to price it as bulk LEGO by the pound and it will only be eligible for store credit.
  • The cleanliness of the sets may impact the final price we can offer.  Dirty sets may get a lower rate due to the time and space it takes to do a more intensive cleaning.
  • If you have more than 15 sets, it is recommended to send us a list of the set numbers ahead of time so we can get a head start on the quote.


  • In general, minifigures will be weighed by the pound.  The standard rate is $100/lb, but this may decrease if there are non-minifigure pieces in the lot as well.
  • For certain themes (like Star Wars, Marvel, or others), we will pay a higher rate for the minifigures.
  • As we evaluate your lot, we will keep an eye out for high value minifigures and will pay extra for these to ensure we give a fair offer.