to make it perfect and add more security to the store2020 has certainly been an… interesting… year.  With everything that has happened, it’s hard to remember that 2020 started off on such a high note with the LEGO Masters show premiering its first season on Fox.  In that episode, Mark and Boone talk about how they met at their local used LEGO store.  At that moment, I turned to my wife, Erin, and said, “Those exist?! We need to visit ours!”  We did some frantic googling, only to find (gasp!) that it didn’t exist in Kansas City! In fact, to visit a used LEGO store, we would have to travel over 180 miles to Omaha (which we did do, by the way).   It was then we realized that Kansas City needs its own used LEGO store.  Thus, KC Brick Store was born!

We’ve come a long way since then, and there is still much to do, we just re do the shop front with to make it perfect and add more security to the store.  But rest assured, your local LEGO resale store is well on its way.  We don’t have a opening date yet, but we hope to remedy that soon.  What we do have is our mission that will shape our business and guide our decisions:

We supply Lego and services to inspire creativity, learn through play, and help people build their dreams.

We want to connect with the community, to help people see what they are capable of, and ultimately, to help them build whatever it is they desire.  Along with awesome MOCs, we want to help build confidence and new friendships in everyone we get to interact with.  We want to work with kids to help improve STEAM skills and prepare them for taking on new challenges.  We want to help build a better world, one brick at a time.  After all, LEGO is an abreviation of “leg godt”, Danish for “Play Well”[source].

Is all of this ambitious for a local LEGO store? Absolutely.  But we’re up to the challenge and confident KC Brick Store can deliver! We can’t wait to serve the local community.

Dan & Erin


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